Senior DevOps Engineer/Trainer

calender21 September 2022

Senior DevOps Engineer/Trainer

calender21 September 2022

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As a Senior DevOps Engineer/ Trainer, you will:

  • Lead the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of new and existing tools and automation solutions to help the client increase the reliability and effectiveness of its operating platforms.
  • Be a driver of further automation in the Application Lifecycle Experience area and ensure the continued robustness of the team’s daily operations.
  • Ensure continuous integration, testing, and deployment are facilitated using industry DevOps best practices and tools.
  • Use your technical knowledge to help the entire organisation build services that can always be tested and deployed in a highly automated way.
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to service and process quality and take proactive action to prevent issues and resolve them quickly when they still occur.
  • Enhance your technical domain expertise and share it with others so they can be guided.
  • In addition, you will be engaged in training and enhancing the competencies of the in-house DevOps team and client projects/programmes.

Essential criteria

  • 3+ years of experience in DevOps.
  • Well-versed in Linux, Infrastructure as Code, Containers, Kubernetes, GitOps, CI/CD, etc.
  • Experience in AWS, Azure, or Azure DevOps Practises.
  • Source code management skills: GitLab/Azure DevOps.
  • Containerisation with Docker/Kubernetes/AWS EKS/Azure AKS.
  • Provisioning with Terraform, CloudFormation, or ARM Templates.
  • Monitoring tools: Grafana / Prometheus / AWS CloudWatch / Azure Monitor / Cortex / Alert Manager / PagerDuty
  • CI/CD tools: GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure Pipelines.
  • Cloud skills: Network and Solution Deployment in Azure.
  • Bash, Python, or any equivalent scripting language. 
  • Operating system skills: Unix or Linux.
  • Knowledge of software security.

Desirable criteria

  • Deliver presentations virtually or physically.
  • Experience in designing and delivering a course.
  • Having industrial experience, classroom or lecturing experience.

Why Codification?

Codification's mission is to help the world's most successful organisations keep pace with rapid technological change by modernising their IT legacy and reducing the time to market for digital products. As a testament to the demand for our services, our team has grown to over 50 staff and over 30 associates. We now offer the skills of expert engineers and technical trainers across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.


Our Values 

Our people are our competitive advantage, so we value an outstanding employee experience where the best idea wins.

Empowered employees

Our People team is dedicated to supporting our team members' development, engagement, and motivation. We believe in being proactive rather than reactive; where a traditional HR department would hire a replacement when an employee leaves, we reduce turnover by making Codification a great place to work.

Great people have great character

Our people are radically truthful, radically transparent, and deeply committed to our mission. We encourage everyone to speak up and make their voices heard, rather than just follow instructions. We don't let loyalty to individuals stand in the way of the truth and the organisation's well-being.

Shy bairns get nowt

A phrase from the North East of England, meaning those who fail to ask for something, probably won't succeed in obtaining it. We bring problems and disagreements to the surface and solve them well. Codification is an idea of meritocracy where openness is a responsibility; you not only have the privilege to speak up but you are obliged to do so.

Fail fast, reflect well

It is okay to make mistakes, but failing to learn from them is not. In our culture, we don't feel bad about our errors or those of others, and we don't worry about looking good—we are more focused on achieving our goals. We focus on "accurate" and "inaccurate" over "blame" and "credit". We teach and reinforce the merits of mistake-based learning.

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Join an inclusive & diverse team

At Codification, we are passionate about collaboration and innovation, and we thrive on getting things done together. You will work with people from different backgrounds to solve complex and critical challenges for our global clients. Your unique value, experience, and insights are what will help us make the world embrace the power of cloud native.

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