F5, Inc.

is an technology company from the United States. They specialise in application security, multi-cloud management, online fraud prevention, application delivery networking (ADN), application availability and performance, network security, and access & authorisation.

F5 operates in over 43 countries, across North America, Europe and APAC.

Codification and F5’s service partnership is built upon the implementation of NGINX software; which Codification specialises in through our certified engineers.

F5 Website: F5 | Multi-Cloud Security and Application Delivery


About the partnership

The partnership between F5 and Codification started as a result of our involvement with Nuaware and Exclusive Networks. Since the start of our partnership, we’ve been working on implementation projects in the Middle East region. Together, we have succesfully implemented the F5 NGINX Plus, NGINX App Protect, and NGINX App Protect WAF software for government institutions and financial services companies in the Middle East region.


Benefits and goals

Our niche expertise in the NGINX software will provide substantial tangible benefits to clients in the Middle East region in its implementation along with all our other services.


Future of the partnership

As our partnership continues to grow, we’re aiming to provide more customer satisfaction and expanded range of services in the region.

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