Enterprise Transformation

Conquer the most demanding business challenges with DevOps and Automation

The speed of technology evolution is disrupting the way we live, the way we look at the world, and the way we do business, at a rapid pace. In a demanding world, if businesses aren’t willing to evolve, they run the risk of being disrupted.

The problem businesses face today is that the traditional working practices they follow hinder the ability to deliver faster results, diminishing business agility. Siloed teams in traditional organisations operate under their own directives, rather than the entire organisation working in unison towards a single objective.

If businesses don’t adopt modern development methodologies such as DevOps and DevSecOps practices, they face the risk of getting eliminated by the competition.


We make it possible for businesses like yours to adopt an agile, DevOps culture that is focused on achieving faster time-to-market and collaboration between teams to ultimately achieve speed, robustness, and stability.

Enterprise Transformation with Codification

Codification’s expert team of industry veterans and accredited engineers will help you:

Practice DevOps at Scale
Foster accountability and transparency
Transform to an agile mindset to create equitable operating models
Overcome the most demanding challenges in your transformation journey.

Codification’s DevOps Strategy, Roadmap and Transformation Consultancy

We offer our expertise in end-to-end enterprise transformation to make you conquer your DevOps and business goals comprehensively.

  • 1DevOps Strategy & Roadmap
  • 2Align development & operations teams
  • 3End-to-end DevOps implementation consultation
  • 4DevOps project recovery consultation
  • 5DevOps tools and technology consultation
  • DevOps Strategy & Roadmap

    Our assessment will elucidate the unique circumstances related to your business and devise a specific strategy and a roadmap with granular visibility.

    We will analyse the current posture of the software development lifecycle, IT resources and infrastructure of your organisation. Outline the IT capabilities and limitations and align them with your business objectives to position DevOps goals appropriately.

  • Align development & operations teams

    We will help you to better establish and communicate interdependencies and better coordinate work between your development and operations teams. We will enable your teams to capture priorities for near and mid-term business goals, optimise for small and frequent changes, break big changes into smaller iterative steps and automate how they’re managed.

    With that, your teams will be able to streamline the development process and release products and services to the market much faster.

  • End-to-end DevOps implementation consultation

    We will help your teams to connect and automate the development, testing and deployment of applications at each stage of the software development lifecycle.


    • Achieve app module containerisation.
    • Set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
    • Set up Testing Automation.
    • Set up Automated Application Monitoring.
  • DevOps project recovery consultation

    Our expert team of engineers and professionals will help you improve your existing DevOps practices effectively and efficiently by:

    • Providing improvements to collaboration and communication gaps between and among development, testing and production teams.
    • Identifying and satisfying knowledge gaps in DevOps methodologies and tools.
    • Helping you to overcome technical difficulties such as CI/CD configuration problems.
  • DevOps tools and technology consultation

    We will help your teams choose, install and configure the appropriate tools that will optimise your DevOps practice. We will also provide training for your staff on using these new tools and methodologies as required.

Our Core DevOps Competencies

We offer end-to-end expertise across the complete DevOps cycle with support for many popular DevOps tools and frameworks


Need help training your staff?

Codification’s Corporate Technical Training Offering is aimed at arming your staff with the knowledge and skills required to operate within a modern cloud native DevOps environment.


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