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Accelerate your migration to the cloud with more security, optimisation, and speed

Our Services

Codification’s services are designed to optimally support your cloud migration strategy. With our services, you will get the ability to perform your migration with more scalability in a way that would be easy to replicate.


Cloud Migration Strategy

Through the analysis of your unique business challenges, we will provide you with a custom and optimised cloud migration strategy. Thanks to our decades-long expertise in the industry, our migration strategies will save you time, costs, and risks.


Cloud Maturity Assessment

This preliminary assessment is performed prior to the discovery and the strategy stages. It evaluates the current maturity of the cloud native stack in your organisation - and recommends the steps towards optimum migration strategy.


Cloud Application Migration

Codification uses automated cloud migration management techniques as well as lift and shift approaches. Our workflow delivers a smooth migration process, geared toward giving you the best value.


Cloud Application Discovery

We evaluate and assess your existing infrastructure, applications, and data to determine the most appropriate services for your business based on your unique needs.

Our Approach

  • 1Discovery Workshop
  • 2Current State Assessment
  • 3Migration Roadmap
  • 4Cloud Native Adoption
  • 5Ongoing maintenance
  • Discovery Workshop

    We conduct a session for the stakeholders and team members of our clients. The objective of the workshop is to create a positive perception of cloud native migration.

  • Current State Assessment

    The current state assessment begins with a series of questions and interviews with internal stakeholders. Based on the answers, we gain an understanding of the current maturity of the cloud native platforms and infrastructure of your organisation. After the assessment, we then lay out a roadmap for the migration. Here, we’ll also envision a target state where the cloud platform migration is successfully completed.

  • Migration Roadmap

    With the information gained from the first two stages, we’ll develop a customised blueprint for the cloud platform migration in your organisation. This blueprint will have all the necessary steps, processes and procedures to make the earlier discovery phases actionable.

  • Cloud Native Adoption

    This stage sees the successful implementation of the roadmap and governance practices identified during the first two stages. The successful cloud native adoption will see your organisation reaching the target state we envisioned during the discovery phases.

  • Ongoing maintenance

    Through our managed services offering we can address time and resources burdens that you may encounter in managing the new cloud native status quo. Through our talent pool and consultancy, we provide continuous ongoing support to make sure your IT needs are met reliably and consistently.

Need help training your staff?

Codification’s Cloud Native Bootcamp is a training programme aimed at arming your staff with the knowledge and skills required to operate within a modern cloud native DevOps environment.

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